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Comprehensive children’s diagnostic and treatment center. Coming to Oklahoma in November 2017.

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The IBH Difference

IBH was founded because we believe that the needs of children with learning or behavioral challenges are going unmet. Too many are improperly diagnosed or treated – often both. Families are unnecessarily put through an emotional wringer mentally, physically, and financially as the medical community struggles to provide a clear path to success.

Our solution: Creating a comprehensive center for children that removes roadblocks to proper treatment.

We ensure that doctors, therapists, and specialists – such as occupational, speech, and nutrition – work together to properly diagnose and develop individualized plans. Our integrated approach minimizes the need for prescription drugs and improves long-term outcomes. We remain focused on one child at a time.


Development Pediatrics

We evaluate overall development, diagnose, and recommend specific treatment plans. It’s our aim to develop and maintain optimal functioning in your child.

Applied Behavioral Analysis

We apply the principles of learning and motivation to create meaningful and positive changes in behavior. We use evidence-based interventions to increase socially significant behaviors, while reducing those that negatively impact the individual.

Occupational Therapy

We promote successful participation in the activities that characterize a healthy childhood – play, schoolwork, and age-appropriate self-care. Our goal is to increase independence.

Diet & Nutrition

As a part of our truly integrated treatment, we have registered dieticians who create nutrition care plans designed to restore wellness to the body and mind.

Individual & Family Therapy

Our highly trained therapists provide an understanding of how your whole family works and personalize therapy to treat the root of your child’s behavior.

Speech Pathology

Our specially trained speech therapists help treat behavioral and developmental issues by assisting with communication, memory, social skills, problem-solving, and attention.

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